Joule Finance Launches First Part of the Testnet with Exciting Rewards: LRTFi Bridge

Joule Finance
4 min readApr 15, 2024


Joule Finance is the first liquidity hub of Aptos, designed to address the evolving needs of DeFi on Aptos. LRTFi Bridge aims to significantly enhance the utility and liquidity of LRTs by enabling seamless bridging across blockchain ecosystems, particularly between Ethereum and Aptos networks.

Joule Finance is excited to announce the launch of our testnet campaign with rewards. By leveraging Joule Finance’s bridging service, powered by LayerZero, users can easily transfer LRTs for diverse DeFi activities, such as lending, borrowing, and yield farming, in a bid to unlock new yield generation opportunities.

  • Campaign Start: 15th April, 2024
  • Campaign End: 25th April, 2024
  • This would be followed by Money Market Testnet (launching soon)

This initiative is hosted both on our website and the Galxe platform. Seize this opportunity to try the Testnet here!

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Explore utility of LRTs with the Joule Finance’s Bridge

LRT Bridge from EVM to Aptos

The protocol offers a user-friendly interface for real-time transfer of LRTs from EVM to Aptos ensuring a smooth bridging process. This approach not only facilitates the unlocking of Ethereum’s vast liquidity for use in the emerging Aptos DeFi landscape but also establishes a foundation for a robust money market focused on Eth-based assets, enhancing the overall DeFi experience across chains.

In the Testnet campaign, we are facilitating the bridging of LRTs between BSC Testnet and Aptos Testnet environments. Additionally, for each successful bridge transaction, you will earn rewards as part of the rewards program. Detailed tutorial provided below!

Enhance your Points with Daily Tasks

Tasks & Missions

The reward scheme of the campaign is designed around two primary factors: the single-time bridging of LRT and the total number of bridge transactions. The rewards differ based on the bridged LRT amount or the transaction count, with bonuses increasing for higher values. Weekly challenges also present chances to gain points through different bridging-related tasks. Participants can unlock rewards such as loot boxes containing point multipliers and gas rebates. The campaign is geared towards encouraging users to engage in bridging activities while offering rewards through a versatile and rewarding mechanism.

Rewards Structure


Points multiplier — The “Points Multiplier” feature, when activated, multiplies points earned from missions by a specific factor, enhancing rewards.

Gas Rebate — The “Gas Rebate” feature, when activated, adds points with respect to whatever amount of gas you spent

Rewards Based on Single Time LRT Bridging:

Rewards Based on Single Time LRT Bridging

Rewards based on number of bridging transactions:

Rewards based on number of bridging transactions

Weekly Missions:

Weekly Missions

Each week, new missions will be introduced to challenge participants and reward them for their active involvement in the testnet.


Participants are encouraged to follow the comprehensive tutorial on how to use the LRT Bridge, available on the Joule.Finance website. The tutorial covers crucial aspects such as connecting a wallet, selecting assets, and confirming transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using LRT Bridge:

Video Tutorial —

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Connect to EVM Wallet by clicking on connect wallet button or directly clicking on mint button
Step 3:
Mint any LRT from the provided faucet
Step 4: Connect Aptos wallet and switch to testnet
Step 5: For Sepolia -> Aptos click on Deposit and for Aptos -> Sepolia click on Withdraw
Step 6:
Select the LRT you wish to bridge
Step 7:
Enter the amount you wish to bridge
Step 8: Click on bridge and wait for transaction to get processed on both chains

Try our Testnet & do let us know your feedback! For any queries connect us on —

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